Accu voor Samsung NP300V3A-S02FR NP300V3A-S02NL(compatibele batterij)

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black :: 11.1V :: 4400mah::Li-ion
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Accu voor Samsung NP300V3A-S02FR NP300V3A-S02NL(compatibele batterij)

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  • SKU: AA-PB9NC6B-51N
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  • Battery Type: li-ion
    Volt:11.1 V

    Replace battery part number:


    This battery is also compatible with the following models :

    SAMSUNG Q210 Series
    Q210 AS01 Q210 AS05 Q210 FS01

    SAMSUNG Q310 Series

    Q318-DSOE, Q318-DS0H, Q318-DS02, NP-Q318E, Q318-DS0G
    Q318-DS09, Q318-DS01, Q318-DS0J, Q318-DS0Kp

    SAMSUNG Q320 Series
    Q320-32P Q320-Aura P7450 Benks
    Q320-Aura P7450 Darjo Q320-Aura P8700 Balin

    SAMSUNG Q322

    R468-DS03, R458, R505, R519, R522, R580, R428, R429, R430, R460
    R462, R463, R464, R465, R466, R467, R468, R470, R478, R480, R620

    R518H, R520, R520H, R522H, R517, R519, R470H, R468H, R465H, R463H,
    R420, R418, R469, R470H, R468, R468H, R465H, R507, R718, R720, R780

    NP-R518, NP-R518H, NP-R520, NP-R520H, NP-R522, NP-R522H, NP-R517
    NP-R519, NP-R470, NP-R470H NP-R468H, NP-R465H, NP-R463H, NP-R420
    NP-R418, NP-R469, NP-R470, NP-R470H, NP-R468, NP-R468H
    NP-R467, NP-R465, NP-R465H, NP-R428, NP-R429, NP-R430
    NP-R460, NP-R462, NP-R463, NP-R464, NP-R465
    NP-R466, NP-R467, NP-R468, NP-R470, NP-R478, NP-R480

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